Coastal Serenity is about you. It’s about you finding a bit of Serenity in your hectic life. Inside our doors is a place to leave your worries behind you and find products that will alleviate some of your daily stress.

Whether you enjoy  a quiet moment with a cup of your favorite tea (we have over 130 loose leaf teas to chose from) or a long soak in the tub, you will find what you need to have more moments of Serenity.

Studies have shown that stress is the cause of many of the ailments that we suffer from. High blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, depression, etc . . . we hope that Coastal Serenity is a stress free zone staffed by warm friendly people who wish you only the best.

Step in to our doors and you will find loose leaf teas, tea accessories, aromatherapy bath and body products, candles, essential oils, singing bowls, cooking herbs and spices, the largest selection of incense in Ocean Shores and other products for your Body Mind and Soul.

Come in and pamper yourself or someone you love today!


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