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Chrysanthemum Flower per 1/2 oz


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An ancient Chinese healer with harmonizing natural cooling properties aiding balance. Great for sore throats, fever and headaches. They don’t have a lot of flavor on their own so we usually mix a couple with the tea we are drinking. This tea is sold by the 1/2 ounce.

  • Chrysanthemum tea is a great aid to digestion, helping the body to digest greasy food more easily.
  • The tea is also helpful in relieving nasal and head congestion.
  • Because of its zero calorie content, it is often used to treat obesity and as an aid to lose weight.
  • It is also said to improve vision and hearing and is given in cases of dizziness, blurred vision and spots in front of the eyes. It may also be helpful in cases of night blindness and to treat conjunctivitis.
  • New research has shown that the flavonoid acacetin that is present in chrysanthemum has the ability to inhibit malignant cell growth in the prostate region. This may make it a useful weapon in the battle against prostate and other forms of cancer.
  • It is believed to be good for the heart and has been known to lower blood pressure levels. It may also be able to increase blood flow to the heart.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine has used these properties of the flower to treat cases of hypertension and angina.




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